Halloween Costumes

So being that Halloween is right around the corner I have been thinking a lot lately about what the kids should be. I know that my 9-year-old will probably want to pick some character that he’s seen in movie’s or TV, and he’ll want to go to Spirit Halloween or Party City to find the costume. Every single year I struggle with this because it is SO BORING!

When I was a kid my mom and grandma always made my Halloween costumes, and looking back on it I had some pretty awesome costumes! One year my mom and I were Indians (Pocahontas, maybe?) where my grandmother found some old suede like material and made dresses for my mom and I with beads, we found some feathers at a flea market for our hair and even had moccasins that my mom put beads on. Another year we were Raggedy Anne and Andy, likely with some thrift store dresses, tights and a red yarn wig for hair. Yet another year (at this point I was around 6-7 years old), I was an A&W waitress on wheels. I wore my mom’s own old A&W uniform with some roller skates, pig tails and a tray with plastic food glued to it. My mom still makes her own costumes, almost always from things she finds at the thrift store and creates into something awesome. She is always winning her office costume contests!

I’m sure when I was a kid I wanted to be that character that everyone else wanted to be (or maybe I didn’t, have you seen the horrible plastic mask costumes from the 80’s?), but today I am so thankful that my mom was so creative!

There’s also the over sexualization of costumes now that is just repulsive! A naughty nurse or “bad cop” is fine for an adult going to an adult themed party, but these costumes are now being made for teens and even toddlers! A friend of mine posted this great article on Facebook today about a mom who was so upset that what she found at Party City that she actually wrote them a letter about it, which they later deleted! And she is so right, why is it that if a girl chooses to be a police officer or cowgirl or Soldier, that she must be portrayed as “sassy”, or “cute” or some other ridiculous term and wearing some frilly and sometimes even too revealing for a small child dress? It’s make-believe, but these kids likely want to be those things because they admire them, not because they want to be trashy, “pretty”, “sassy” versions of them!

I know I’m going to argue with my 9 yr old and he’ll end up winning and getting to be the store-bought Iron Man or whatever it is he wants to be, and I’m thankful that I at least have boys so it isn’t so bad. But I’d really like to come up with some great costume that we find and create together. I think I’ll brainstorm with him this weekend. And if not, well I still have the 2-year-old who has no say yet, anyway!

What are some costume ideas or things that you have done in the past? I’d love to hear them!

I loved Jem, but YIKES!

I loved Jem, but YIKES!


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